Event to bring SW Scotland deer managers up to speed with new legislation and current issues

A meeting has been organised by the South West Scotland Deer Management Group in association with the Lowland Deer Network Scotland to bring deer managers, farmers, and anyone who has deer on their ground in the region up to speed with current Government policy, the latest legislation and what is in the pipeline.

The meeting will take place at The Kenbridge Hotel, New Galloway, Castle Douglas on Thursday 8 November from 7.00pm.  Keynote speaker is Richard Cooke, Acting Chairman of the Lowland Deer Network Scotland, and Chairman of the Association of Deer Management Groups.

Members of Scottish National Heritage, Forestry Commission Scotland and the SW Scotland Deer Management Group will also be attendance to answer questions.

Richard Cooke says: “Under new legislation, namely the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act, anyone who has deer on their ground has a duty to manage them responsibly. This means that the onus of deer management has also now been placed fairly and squarely on the shoulders of farmers, forestry companies, the local authority, developers and so on, as well as those traditionally undertaking deer management.

“Moreover, the focus does not just include hill deer, but also low-ground roe “deer on farmland, roadside verges, small pockets of woodland and development ground for example.

“We will also look at the new Deer Management Code of Practice, and future competence standards, progress on which will be reviewed by Government in 2014.”

Anyone with an interest in deer management or who has deer on their property is welcome to attend.

More detail from Maitland Rankin, SW Scotland Deer Management Group,
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