What does LDNS offer?

LDNS adds value by coordinating existing effort and representation. It can provide a single, strong voice when further legislation is brought forward, when consultation papers require responses, or the sector is faced with new European regulation.

LDNS is a source of information internally for members, and externally for the wider public who want to see deer but know little about deer management.  LDNS has an important role to play in public education and in countering negative comment.

What does LDNS offer

Membership also provides representation on other bodies including the Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group, the Scottish Venison Partnership, and the Scottish Quality Wild Venison assurance scheme.

LDNS provides a forum for increased contact and education-building events, giving access to Best Practice advice, other training needs, and experience exchange.

Membership of LDNS starts at £10 per annum for individuals, and £25 per annum for DMGs, businesses, organisations and local authorities.