About LDNS

The Lowland Deer Network (LDNS) offers a forum to engage in the management of wild deer on Scotland’s low ground and on the urban fringe.

“Low ground land” describes land not considered mountainous or where the Association of Deer Management Groups exist, it  is generally economically productive farmland, forestry or urban land, within this wide description there are landholdings including farms, woodlands, forestry, local authority land, development ground, and semi urban areas which are smaller and have fragmented ownerships and policies.

The deer species here is mainly roe, but in places red deer, sika deer and fallow deer are also present. We are anxious least the smaller non-indigenous species of Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer arrive in Scotland as they may become established which may add another large management issue upon us.


LDNS covers all land outside the scope of Scotland’s upland deer management groups and the main red deer range.

Active lowland deer management groups operate within the red areas on the map, collaborative or “Clusters” of deer managers often acheive better results than individual efforts as they are co-ordinated with a common , or agreed, shared policy.