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Reporting a deer problem

SNH, LDNS, and other organisations rely on the public to advise them of problems arising from deer. This could for example be deer on roads, deer damaging crops, or encroaching into private gardens.

Bear in mind that many people like to see deer and they are an important part of our natural heritage. Roe deer are timid and are easily alarmed. You are most likely to encounter them at dawn and dusk and in early spring when the young bucks are seeking out new territory.

If you have a problem with deer in the first instance this should be reported to Scottish Natural Heritage, and their deer officer will assess what if any action requires to be taken.

Contact Jamie Hammond at SNH in Stirling:
Tel: 01786 435 389


The SNH Wildlife Operations Unit:

Contact LDNS directly and your enquiry will be passed on:
Lowland Deer Network Scotland
Tel: 01350 723226