Response from Richard Cooke – Effective Deer Management

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In response to the recommendations to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change from the Scottish Parliament Rural Affairs and Climate Change Committee, and following its inquiry into deer management and the environment In Autumn last year, Richard Cooke, Chairman of the LDNS and the ADMG said:

“We are encouraged by the recommendations from the Committee to the Minister, and there is much in this report with which we agree, for example that the impacts of deer rather than numbers are most important, and that it is premature to undertake a review of the Code of Practice on Deer Management at this time.

“We also agree with the recommendation that the voluntary deer management system must become more effective in terms of deer management planning, transparency and accountability.

“Whilst there are many Deer Management Groups (DMGs) that are exemplary in what they do there are a number that, for one reason are another, do not attain the required level of performance.We know that there has to be improvement in certain quarters and, even before the inquiry began last Autumn, we had actively begun the process to effect this.

“We have plans to bring those Groups that are not performing up to speed, to improve commitment to and delivery of deer management plans and to ensure that DMGs are more transparent and their communications enhanced where necessary. We have a major initiative being finalised now that will be launched for consultation at our AGM on 20 February, and this will lead to appropriate steps to be taken where required.

“We note the timeframe as laid down in the report for all DMGs to have deer management plans in place by end 2016. This fits with our own thinking and we believe is a realistic deadline.

“Overall, and as said at the time, we consider the RACCE Committee inquiry to have been fair and even-handed. This outcome is evidence of that, and provides us with a range of areas going forward where we can demonstrate improvement. We will continue to work with Government and its Agencies to show that the voluntary system, with their appropriate support, can be entrusted to deliver.”